People |  Process | Purpose |  Passion

The encounter of LIFE begins with Coach Samuel speaking one on one with an individual, a conference or prayer call commonly known as an invisible bridge platform. During the encounter you will begin to unpack the issues of your heart and quickly rediscover your true identity in the earth. The encounter will focus on understanding and developing four critical  pillars of life:  People |  Process | Purpose |  Passion. Once you commit to doing the work you will finally be able to answer the question “Who are you really”?

Let’s BEgin the work!

Are You Ready

To Do The Work?

The first step to doing the work is you must commit to focus on yourSelf, knowing “I Am worthy of transforming my life”. As you unfold the inner issues, unconscious behaviors, you move forward into creating a new frame daily. The work becomes a fluent process of planning how you see the new reflection manifesting in the mirror.