Heart, Mind, Soul Coach

Samuel Sheffield:  dynamic mentor, business strategist, and visionary.


Samuel Sheffield is known for his 20 years of unremitting passion to inspire others to ‘Just BE it’. Through an innovative process of spiritually-based practices and lifestyle calibration, he has assisted in activating the creativity and purpose of his growing list of clients.

In his service to entertainment and fashion industry leaders, executives, and organizations, Samuel has led, taught, stretched and empowered his clients to transform their ideas and concepts into reality.

Every I AM Samuel private session, speaking engagement, workshop, break-out session and corporate leadership session is customized to meet the needs of the individual group. There is no prescribed or predetermined formula, rubric, outline or process used. By honoring Holy Spirit and yielding to the voice of God, he is graced and gifted to impart values, wisdom and knowledge specifically and intentionally.

E. Samuel also serves as Principal of The Goshen Group, LLC and Co-Founder of Zion Fellowship Ministries. He holds a BBA in Business Administration from Bloomfield College and currently resides in Charlotte, NC with his family.



NOW – defined as at the present time or moment. When you hear an instruction do you move out in obedience in the NOW or do you have to contemplate to consider who’s speaking? Listen to His small still voice today and pay attention as the Word is being dropped in your spirit.

NOW faith/belief is the currency that moves obstacles if you act in the affirmative. The NOW mode of hearing the spiritual revelation and acting in agreement causes an explosion in the present moment. The discipline it takes mentally by not allowing your cognitive, analytical, logical mind to override the spirit of truth. NOW right NOW stop slow down and open your heart to what is being released.

See BEing in the NOW requires patience, wisdom, and understanding of releasing control of your life and yielding to a new way of moving in the present. I give you permission to BE free: NOW from bondage of your past experiences and enjoy your new day. NOW create and command your system to manifest as you hear what He uploads in your spirit.

Just BE NOW!!

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